DIY Bell Receiver Repair Kits

We have been Canada's #1 Service depot for professional Bell Receiver and PVR repairs for over 10 years. With hundreds of repairs under our belt, we have seen it all.

  If you prefer a DIY approach and don't want to chase around the parts to replace, we have put together a comprehensive repair kit with all the capacitors you need to repair the most common issues on most models of Bell Satellite Receivers.

  Most online repair advice only address a few of the capacitors that fail on these receivers. Our kits includes the parts for any capacitor we've ever seen fail.

** Disclaimer **
A small number of receivers can have damaged transformers, bridge rectifiers and other components. It's impossible for us to know what exactly is wrong with your receiver as outside factors, failed hard drives and cabling/switch/dish issues can all effect your receivers performance.
The success of the repair is also highly dependent on your abilities to solder and install the repair as well as the quality of the work performed.
No Guarantee or Warranty is expressed or provided that replacement of these parts will repair your receiver. There are no refund or returns on any repair kits, used or unused. All sales are final.